In general

You can find more information about our products at the respective manufacturer website (click the links on the right)

While we’ll happily help you with more information, we suggest to contact your preferred dealer for all purchases.

Most manufacturers offer a very good support section on their website,
so if you run into any problems with the great product you just purchased,
then the manufacturer’s website is the place to start.

Note that we’re sales agents, and are on the road most of the time.
That’s what we do.
While we should be able to point you in the right direction or to the right contact, we’re not support guys.
So, please, don’t expect us to solve all your problems, or reply to your emails immediately.
As a general rule, we try to reply to all emails within 24 hours,
but sometimes hotel and airport internet connections are not really cooperative.

Retailers / dealers

contact us if you are a dealer and would like to sell one of the products we represent.
Note that we do not represent all products in all markets.

Electronic purchase / downloads

More and more of the software products we represent, are sold as electronic purchase / serial number only.
This means you don't get a box but only get a PDF document with a serial number / registration code.
You need to download the software.

In order to make installing and registering your electronic purchase a little easier, we listed the steps you should take for each manufacturer.

Antares :

You will need the entire Registration Code to initially authorize your software to run on your computer.
All Antares software requires authorization via an iLok USB smartkey.

For detailed authorization instructions, please check the following URL :

To get the software installer, please download the demo version from the products page at the Antares site :
You can authorize the demo version with the Registration Code you received.

The numbers to the left of the hyphens above are your Serial Numbers.
You will need these numbers to confirm ownership of this
software and for future upgrades and technical support.

fxpansion :

You will need the entire Serial Number to authorize your software to run on your computer.

To get the software installer, please follow these steps :

1. Create an account at the support section of the fxpansion website

2. Register your purchased product using the above serial number

3. Download the installer from the list of downloads which
will appear in your account.

4. Enjoy your software

Image Line :

Here's how to authorize your software:

1.  If you haven't already installed the software, please do so by
downloading from one of the links on this page:

2.  Create an account at the Image Line website

3.  Register the product you just purchased

4.  Download the FLRegkey.Reg file

5. Install the Reg Key